☺ AFV (NEW!) Wedding Bloopers & Funny Moments of 2016 (Funny Clip Montage)

oh my god hey Donna you me Donna you carry you here we go the other side hey dragged her in with her arms dragged her in I now pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss your bride Scott how are we going to kiss at our wedding we’re going to make people from 800 miss lavish sexiness you always with you everything is yours ever ride a nerve to say hello in this Cathy say we you Olivia why are you crying either I don’t wanna go to the way why don’t you want to go to Steven and RV’s wedding we’re so excited because I don’t like dizzy hey you don’t want to sing are you scared that Steven and Ivy are gonna kiss and how do you hmm in the OE yay oh but you love miss ivy right you love mr. Steven okay I love you baby and for poor for Richard from this day forward from this day forward until death do we part congratulations ah oh my god watch me watch me it’s fine you’re fine you’re fine don’t you guys so I just you know just love my family so much because I just thanks to me and everybody here right now is my family and let’s get this I just have a big family so I just want to thank you wah to brought us here anybody that tried all of us to hear I’m thinking I’m thankful for them PSA let us be you busy just help us they just drive go here me here oh come here that I want to spend will you Geralyn marry me

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