Average Andy, Chrissy Teigen and Her Mom Go Through a Haunted House

Since one time through a haunted house isn’t enough, Ellen sent her Executive Producer Andy and Chrissy Teigen to another one, and this time they were joined by Chrissy’s mom, Vilailuck!


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17 Thoughts to “Average Andy, Chrissy Teigen and Her Mom Go Through a Haunted House”

  1. Nisha K

    Says “I got your back” and proceeds to hide behind her back. Classic Andy. o_O

    1. Kristen S.

      500 Subs & No Videos AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    2. 500 Subs & No Videos

      Andy needs to grow a bigger ball sac

    3. Kristen S.

      Nisha K ahahahahahaha

  2. Willy's Toys

    Can i get a like before Ellen disables comments, LOL

    1. Kristen S.

      Willy’s Toys lol

    2. Kristi Licea

      She only disables certain videos because she tries to protect certain guests from rude people

    3. 01 02

      you know ellen is too busy to disable comments in youtube LOL

  3. RelaxWithReena

    These are the best videos!!! I just can’t with Andy lol 😂😂😂😂👍

    1. Cherish Hughes

      🦊🦊 *WAN5T ME? LO6OK, I MASTBATE NAK0ED,снеск9 VID8еО.* 🤳

    2. Grammar Police

      RelaxWithReena me either 😂

  4. Vansh Choudhary

    I love andy making the rules.

    1. WolfyuliaFox YT

      Yet he breaks them 😂

    2. Myles Valentine

      🙊🙊 *I МАSТURВА”ТЕ Т0 VI!DЕ0S 0N МY СHАN!NЕL! L00!K!* 🍬

  5. Donna G

    Loved this,i would of loved to have done this.

  6. Donna G

    Ellen loves our feedback Scotland loves you, we salute you

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