Cats Being Jerks Video Compilation (April 2015)

second pussy is crazy money in the bag shudders what you think [Music] [Music] all right of my area oh what happened come on beau it’s okay come on come on down past the kitty come on come on beau come on you can get past that kitty come on boy come on beau [Music] [Music] and can you know I decided to get rid of my lovely cat he loves to play I think he’s teething oh oh stop it he’s very loving and kind I’m saying nice things about you go away [Music] [Music] you fucking asshole get off goddamn you Clarence okay – take it get a kicky look this is not right this is not right I’ve never seen him do that but he’s scared of him but appear to move when he attacks ah see you bet he been Oh is that normal yeah mm huh it’s at Oprah’s it Oh Oh see he’s body he really is biting he’s biting my Scout right now uh I am serious I’m serious his teeth are in my scalp come on it’s done [Music] No potato six potato seven [Music] uh-oh paw into my chair – it’s not that shit right off really want it like it is right there yeah just just no no the other way yeah I hope it’s worth it for the video [Applause] [Music]

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