Can These Chefs Create a Kid’s Fantasy Dish?

Tasty Chefs Hannah and Matthew compete to turn Anaiah’s monster drawing into a delicious, real-world dish. Who has their eyes on the prize?

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23 Thoughts to “Can These Chefs Create a Kid’s Fantasy Dish?”

  1. Hannah Williams

    This was sooooo much fun <3 <3 <3

    1. It’s a Look

      Hannah Williams I wanna try his dish honestly 😂

    2. Can I get 1k subs With no vids

      Omg ur the mom of jackson

    3. Kagamine Lenka


    4. Nopes

      Ey thought I recognized you from the buzzfeed videos

  2. Sha&Shan DIY

    We love watching this series! It’s so interesting! ❤

    1. Welp, It's me Liv playZ

      We meet again. Stalker. I said nothing

    2. Awesomecraft 360

      WHERE AREN’T YOU?!?!

    3. AlexPawTew


    4. Kelcey Blakely

      Why are u everywhere

    5. Art Hugz

      Sha&Shan DIY I love your channel but can you please stop commenting everywhere idk its kinda annoying but it’s just my opinion 🙁

  3. Slayer_Eleven

    She is adorable❤️😂

    Thanks for the likes❤️😂😍

    1. AlexPawTew


    2. Carina_kittens hellocarinah

      Slayer_Eleven IKR

    3. Gaming Chair !

      Hi there I love you

    4. yagirlEmma :D

      My theath

    5. yagirlEmma :D

      She Doesn’t know how to talk

  4. 로미언니RomiUnnie

    Mathew and Hannah both did a great job! Wish i were that kid to taste these😁

    1. Jodee Vaughn

      🐧🐧 *I МАSТURВА”ТЕ !Т0 VID!Е0S 0N !МY СHАNNЕ!L! L!00K!* 🌵

  5. Zerus Zephuros

    Each chef’s interpretation is really different! And boy, I think the dishes are so different (food vs desserts) they can’t compete….they should both win!

    1. Joe Mannix

      I surprised kids dont make dishes made with boggers.

    2. Cookie_GirlyGaming The great Adventures

      They’re both food tho I think it’s savory vs dessert.

  6. Katia N. Amparo

    Matthew was a sweety for helping and his spaghetti and meatballs did look good lol. Anaiah was so precious lol.

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